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Croissants & Whiskey

New energy to old instruments.

An unconventional blend of Harpsichord, G Violone, Baroque Viola, and Recorders creates new and unexpected timbres, blending the sonorous with the sharp, and making the old new again. Performing both baroque and modern compositions, Croissants & Whiskey is currently commissioning new works from diverse Australian voices. Supported by ABC's commissioning fund, they are recording a new work by Elizabeth Younan in early 2022.

Formed during 2020’s stage 4 lockdown, Croissants & Whiskey is named from the refreshing libations at those first joyous post-pandemic rehearsals. Joy Lee, Ryan Williams, Katie Yap, and Miranda Hill bring musicality, focus, and humour to their work, making any performance one not to miss.

Individually, Joy, Ryan, Katie, and Miranda have performed with Australia’s elite ensembles, including: Elision, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Australian World Orchestra, Inland Concerts, Astra, Melbourne Baroque Orchestra, Arcko, Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra, Homophonic! Genesis Baroque, and the major Symphony and Opera Orchestras. 

Croissants and Whiskey; bringing the fusion to your aural palate.

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