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New solo and chamber works

Solo bass:

He family portraits: Naima Fine fine

The Agony of She: Caerwen Martin

Glyph: Andrew Aronowicz

Masks: Nat Grant

Orpheus: Evan Lawson*

Re(sus)sative: Chris Dench*

*Premiering, not a commissioner.

Other solo:

Star Picc*, Amplified Piccolo, bass drum, and effects. Stephen de Filippo. Performed by Laila Engle.
Depth Disentigration, Double belled Bass Trombone and fixed media. Shoeb Ahmad. Performed by Ben Anderson.

*new work* for solo violin. Jaslyn Robertson. Performed by Kyla Matsuura-Miller.


String quintet and 6 part vocal ensemble:

Shimmer, inspired by Max Primmer. Louisa Trewartha

I am who I am, inspired by Yvonne Sillett. Caerwen Martin

Safe Hands, inspired by Rick Youseff and Sage Akouri. Naima Fine

Swerve, inspired by J. Meta Cohen

Stethoscope, Louisa Trewartha.

Large mixed ensemble + vocal ensemble

Hyr, Ellie Lamb

Tenacity, Naima Fine

Chamber music:

Wally Gunn

Naima Fine

Louisa Trewartha

Gemma Horbury

Steven Hodgson

Christina Green

Travers Eira

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